2020 Results: Business Clients Collective Revenue Growth of 72% 2 Executive Clients Landing C-Suite Jobs Athletes: 4 U.S. National Champions, 2 Soccer Championships
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G3 Development Group

G3 Development Group, Inc. provides professional consulting in strategic growth, human capital development and retail engagement. 

Planting Seeds of Emergence.  Our goal is to provide our clients a service that plant seeds that you can quickly utilize in your business or personal life that will continue to emerge for years to come, the emergence. 

Ready to Emerge?


G3 consults with companies around the world on growth strategies by implementing customer and employee engagement strategies


Emerge Coaching

Emerge Coaching, G3's proprietary coaching framework allows you to become your best self by building self-awareness through Clifton Strengths (EQ>IQ), Leadership Development and Peak Performance Mindset coaching.

G3 University

G3 University offers learning and development, speaking and training on engagement strategies, sales development, retail, customer experience, Clifton Strengths and Peak Performance Mindset


Gregg Frederick, CSE, MBA has been a keynote speaker for the Running Event, Impact, Purpose, Destiny, Interbike, Rocky Mountain Retail Camp, SMEI and multiple national sales meetings amongst other trade shows and events.


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Emerge 1:1 Coaching

G3's proprietary coaching platform, Emerge Coaching, helps you build self-awareness through CliftonStrengths , effectively trains you to be a leader in your organization through our leadership development programs and prepares you to be in the top tier of your profession with professional peak-performance mindset training.

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